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The answer is simple, BECAUSE I USE SAFE PRODUCTS, I don't need to.

If you've been in a salon where the technicians are wearing masks have you ever wondered why they are wearing them???

Have you been in a salon where they wear masks and wondered why???

Again the answer is simple, they may be trying to protect themselves from a hazardous substance called 

Methyl Methacrylate or MMA.

Methyl Methacrylate or MMA

This is a product that originates from the dental industry, it is used for making bridges and crowns.  IN IT'S LIQUID STATE IT SHOULD ONLY BE USED IN A CONTROLLED LABORATORY ENVIRONMENT.  IT WAS NOT DESIGNED TO COME INTO CONTACT WITH SKIN OR NAILS.

"Contact can irritate the eyes, skin, nose and throat"

How it can affect you when you breathe it  in

"MMA dust can irritate your lungs causing coughing and/or shortness of breath."

How you can tell if MMA is being used:

  • Nails are extremely hard and very difficult to file by hand.
  • Nails are extremely hard to soak off, generally the technician will rip, or prise them off.
  • The natural nail has to be "roughed up" for MMA to adhere to it.
  • The liquid has a strong fruity smell.
  • No manufacturer's labels on bottles containing liquid.  (Ask what the liquid is).
  • If the salon prices are low this may indicate that MMA is being used.  MMA liquid is a lot cheaper than the safer EMA liquid.
  • MMA is found in acrylic powders, this is safe and perfectly acceptable.  Only MMA in it's liquid form is unsuitable for artificial nail product use.

      I ONLY use and sell products which I buy direct from Cuccio UK, a long extablised professional brand which is not 

       available in retail outlets.     

The quotes above are from the New Jersey Department of Health.

Report revision July 2002