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Hi Debi.  

Thank you so much for yesterday.  I really enjoyed it, felt confident and learnt a lot.  The tip and acrylic dip course was brilliant, I felt at ease and you really built my confidence.  I'm really excited to start using this product.

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Tip and dip nails

Learn how to do quick and easy acrylic extensions

Learn how to do quick and easy acrylic nail extensions

You will learn how to do acrylic nails that look 100% natural,  full colour acrylic application and beautiful pink and white acrylics so quickly and easily you'll wish you learnt it sooner.

With a maximum of 3 students per class I will give you as much individual attention as you need.

My students do not work on each other so there's plenty of time for you to complete the application

An almost instant quick fix...

For those clients that just can't wait for their nails to grow nail extensions are the answer.

  • On this course you will be extending the length of the natural nail by applying nail tips.
  • You will learn how to shape the tips and blend them so the join is invisible - this is important if your client wants to wear her nails natural.
  • You will be applying the acrylic so that the nails look 100% natural without any colour being applied.
  • You will also be applying the acrylic to create a beautiful French Manicure finish.
  • Full colour acrylic application will also be done, saving you time by not having to apply nail or gel polish.

You will also learn...

  • What the difference is between dipping acrylic and traditional liquid and powder acrylic.
  • How to do quick and easy infills
  • How to do quick and easy colour change applications
  • How to remove tip and dip nails quickly and safely
  • Homecare recommendations for your clients' to keep their nails looking good between appointments
Tip and dip extensions

What you will be doing...

What you will be doing...

You will be applying nail tips, cutting, shaping and blending them flush to the natural nail so that you cannot see the join.

Next you will apply nail tips, cut and shape them and blend the tip flush with the natural nail so you can't see the join.

My tip application procedure causes no dents or damage to the natural nail.

You will then be applying the acrylic so natural looking that the client can wear her nails without colour if she wishes.

You will also learn how to do full colour application, saving you even more time.

And of course, the ever popular beautiful French Manicure application.

Upon completion of this course you will receive your Guild accredited Tip and Dip Acrylic Nail Extensions Course certificate.

You will need to have a Manicure or Gel Polish certificate in order to attend.

This is a one day course : 9.30 am - 3.30 pm

What you will be doing...


What my customers say about this course

What our customers are saying

Debi is fabulous from the moment you meet her, her great personality and warmth just makes you feel so at ease, I did a tip and acrylic dip course and it was so much fun and loaded with so much information, the time flew it was great 👍

So looking forward to doing another course with Debi 💕

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC