If you would prefer to work with just you and me in the training room or, if you have specific needs regarding areas that you would like to perfect or refresh, then a  one to one session would be the ideal choice.

You can choose any of the listed courses or choose your own course content, this can range from tip application, acrylic application, finishing, nail art, in fact anything that you need help with.

A two hour custom session costs just £75.00 with all the products and equipment that is required included in this price..  Additional time is charged pro rata at £30.00 per hour.

Listed One Day Courses are just £195.00

and listed half day workshops are £95.00

One To One Training

All products and equipment used in class are provided

 All the products and equipment that is used in class is provided for your use.

You are encouraged to make your own notes but you will have comprehensive notes to take away with you.