Gel Sculptured Nails

Create beautiful gel nail extension without a plastic tip.  For shapes that require an enhanced "C" curve, for example stiletto, that you can't achieve with a tip, sculpting is the answer.

If you have a cient that has claw or ski-jump natural nails and you just can't get a tip on, you can still apply nail extensions created by using a form.  

Learn how to customize and apply forms depending on the natural nail type and the shape of the extension.

Sculpting forms need to be customised to fit individual finger and natural nail shapes and you will learn how to do this.  You will also learn the different form placements for different shaped extensions; stiletto, ballerina, almond, etc. 

Upon completion of this course you will receive your Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists accredited Gel Sculpting Certificate.

You will need to have a Gel Nail Extension certificate in order to attend this course.

Course 9.30 am - 3.30 pm

Course Dates & Prices