Nails by student after attending my Gel Nails Course

This is not just another gel polish course...

this is a manicure, gel polish and gel polish nail art course

You will be learning full colour gel nail polish application and some quick and easy gel polish nail art designs too.  You will also learn how to do a manicure (not just prepping the nails for gel polish) which you can offer as a separate treatment to your clients.  

There will be a maximum of 3 students in the class  so you will get ample individual attention from me.

Students do not work on each other so there's plenty of time for you to complete the work.

No previous experience required.  

Products and equipment for your use in class are provided.

Theory notes are sent out prior to the course.

9.30 am - 3.30 pm

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You will be doing the following, copying me as I demonstrate step by step;

  • how to prepare a natural nail for gel polish application.
  • how to apply full colour gel nails and some gel polish nail art designs.
  • You will also learn how to do a Manicure, this includes a fabulous hand and arm massage which your clients will love.  (They may want to add this as an extra to their gel polish nail treatments)   
  • You will also learn how to remove gel polish correctly without damaging the natural nail.
  •  You will have detailed and illustrated instruction notes for everything that we do, these notes are yours to keep.
          Upon completion of this course you will receive your Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists accredited  Manicure, Gel Polish and Gel Polish Nail Art certificate enabling you to  start doing manicures and gel nail polish treatments and get insurance.

If you are wanting to work with builder in a bottle gels please see the builder in a bottle workshop.

If you are already qualified in manicuring please contact me to arrange a 

half-day gel polish workshop

Gorgeous nails after attending my Gel Nails Course

You will also learn

  • How to do a client consultation and how this can help your business.
  • How nails grow and what can affect their growth.
  • About nail and skin conditions and how they can affect the treatments that you offer.
  • How to promote your new business.

You may also like the half-day Builder In A Bottle Gel Workshop.  There's more information, click here.

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Nails by student after attending my Gel Nails Course

All products used in class are provided

I don't like the trend that you have to buy a kit to take into your class with you.  

On my courses there's nothing to buy before you can attend.

You will have detailed written and illustrated instructions for everything that we do in class, including the correct removal of gel polish and the hand and arm massage, these notes are yours to keep.  You are welcome to make your own notes as well if you wish.

The gel nail polish course dates and prices can be found via the button below.  

If there is not a date that suits you, let me know and I will see what I can do.

1 day course.  Hours 9.30 am - 3.30 pm