Nails by student after attending my Gel Nail Extensions Course

On this gel nail extensions course you will be correctly applying tips and uv gel to create gel nail extensions that look 100% natural.  So natural in fact that they can be worn without gel or nail polish...

An almost instant quick fix.

For those clients that just can't grow their own nails, the quickest and easiest remedy is gel nail extensions.  

  • On this course you will be applying tips and blending them, correctly, so the join is invisible.
  • You will learn how to shape the tips before applying a hard gel overlay.  
  • I will teach you my 6 step filing pattern for consistently beautifully finished gel nail extensions.
  • We will also learn why it's important for the client to come to you for regular infills and how to do them.  
  •  By building a base of clients having their nails infilled regularly you can build a successful nail business.

You will also learn...

  • What the differences are between gel polish, soak-off gels and hard gels.
  • How to do quick and easy infills using self-levelling gel.
  • How to correctly remove gel nail extensions..
  • What homecare advice you should give your clients to help them keep their nails looking good between salon visits.
Gel nail extensions course
French nails after attending my Gel Nails Extensions Course

What you will be doing...

You will be following me as I demonstrate, step by step.

You will be preparing the natural nail for tip application.  You will not be roughing up the nail plate or using harsh files.

We will then move on to applying nail tips correctly and blending the tip flush with the natural nail so that you can't see the join.  

This will be done with no damage caused to the natural nail, and no dents filed into the natural  nail.

After we've filed the nails into shape we will then be applying a hard uv gel, creating a 

beautiful gel nail extension that can be worn with, or without, colour.

Upon completion of this course you will receive your Guild accredited Gel Nail Extensions Course certificate.

This is a one day course : 9.30 am - 3.30 pm

You will need to have a Manicure certificate in order to attend


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