A new EU legislation namely GDPR otherwise known as “General Data Protection Regulation” became effective on 25th May 2018. The GDPR is a regulation in EU Law on data protection and protects individual’s data within the European Union. This affects everyone, you as a consumer have the right to access your data and know what businesses do with it.

At The Nail Centre your personal data is treated with the strictest confidence and will be stored safely for seven years, then all records will be shredded in a confidential manner thereafter. For The Nail Centre to continue your service I require your consent for me to collect and store your personal data including any photographs.

I confirm that I understand how my data will be collected, used and stored, therefore I give permission for the Nail Centre to collect, use and store my information in accordance with the GDPR guidelines 25th May 2018

I agree that The Nail Centre can contact me for marketing purposes, appointment/booking details and or reminders by text or emails.

I agree that The Nail Centre can take and store my photographs and use them on social media platform Facebook and the Nail Centre website for marketing purposes.