On this acrylic nail course you will learn how to apply acrylic nail extensions that look SO GOOD you won't have to put colour on them.

With a maximum of 3 students in the class I can give you as much individual attention as you need.

Manicure or Gel Certificate required.

Tip application experience would be an advantage.


Techniques change...

Over the years, as a nail technician and educator, I have seen many different ways of applying acrylic. 

The most popular method of applying acrylic is the "reverse application" method and this is the method that I teach.  

Nails after attending my Acrylic Nails Course

If you've never done extensions or tips before it's not a problem;

  •  I will teach you the   foundation steps to creating super acrylic nail extensions.  
  • You will learn the safe and correct way to prepare a nail for extensions.  We will not be roughing up the natural nail.
  •  You will learn is how to apply tips  without damaging the nail and filing dents into it.

Tip application experience would be advantageous allowing more time to work on product control

Nails after attending my Acrylic Nails Course

  • You will learn how to apply traditional acrylic over a tip to create a super acrylic nail extension.
  • You will learn about liquid to powder ratios, bead sizes and *product control.
  • Maintenance and removal procedures.
  • I will teach you my 6 step filing pattern to ensure that all of your finished nails are the same shape and thickness.
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*Product control is one of the most important aspects when it comes to doing nails

  • It is important to have the correct powder to liquid ratio, this will enable you to control the movement of the acrylic, not the other way around.  The correct ratio of powder to liquid will also ensure that the nails you do have the maximum strength and adhesion.
  • Having the correct bead sizes, and their placement, will enable you to work quickly and efficiently.
  • You will learn how to mould the acrylic to create beautifully shaped acrylic nails.
  • Upon completion of this course you will receive your Guild of Professional Beauty Therapist accredited acrylic nail extensions certificate.

Course hours: 9.30 am - 3.30 pm

You will need to have a Manicure or Gel Polish certificate in order to attend.

Acrylic nail course in Norwich


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