Looking for something different, then this acrylic dip nails workshop is just for you.

Dip acrylic is a fantastic way of applying long lasting colour to nails and is an alternative to gel polish. 

Specially formulated, medical grade adhesive gel is combined with finely milled acrylic powders to create beautiful nails that last a minimum of 14 days.

Quick and easy application offering a choice of solid colours, flawless French or clear for a natural look.


Students do notwork on each other.

There will be a maximum of 3 students in the class. 

Manicure certificate required

Dip Nails Course image

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  • You will be doing full colour application, the most amazing French application and we'll have a play with the glitter acrylic powder too.
  • You will be following me as I demonstrate, step by step.
    Upon completion you will receive your Guild accredited dip nails course certificate which means you will be able to get insurance and start doing dip nails treatments.
A happy, qualified Dip Nail technician

We will cover

  • How to correctly prepare the nail plate for product application.
  • How to do an infill.
  • How to do a colour change.
  • Safe removal of the product.
Nails after attending my Dip Nails Course

All products used in class are provided

There is nothing to buy in order for you to attend this acrylic dip nails course.

You will have detailed notes to work from in class and these are yours to keep.

(For acrylic dip nail extensions please see 


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1/2 day course.  

You will need to have a Manicure or Gel Polish certificate in order to attend.


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